(DMC) Devil May Cry (2013) REVIEW

  Two games down a lot more to go. Last night I finished Devil May Cry (2013) on my xbox 360 and boy was it an experience. For those of you who think this a follow-up to the other dmc games that came out for the ps2 you are mistaken. This one is a remake of the series and a much welcomed one if you ask me. As a teen I missed out on the original dmc games because I had a Gamecube and not a Playstation 2. I got the hd collection when it came out but I am yet to play it, and not sure if I want to know that I have completed those reboot. In The original story the main character Dante is half human half demon, In the reboot he is nephilim. This alone is a big plot changer, and allows the developers at Ninja theory to add all new kinds of lore and mechanics to the game. I recommend reading my first impressions on the game because I’ll be skipping anything about the beginning of the game, so on to the plot. Dante and his twin Vergil team up to defeat Mundus to save mankind from his ruthless rule. Throughout your play through you will play as Dante killing demons and looking totally badass doing it, while Vergil stays in the background and acts like a bitch for the most part. The main plot may seem simple to veteran gamers so don’t expect anything too surprising, but it should be noted after much research this is the best DMC story to date.

Dante why are you blue

Ok with story behind us its on the graphics. Now if you’ve ever read anything from me before you’d know that I’m not a graphics whore, which means mud on a wall with proper controls and great gameplay will get me off. Dmc by no means fails in the graphics department and it should be noted that some of the scenes in the game are spectacular pieces of art that you’d not be surprised to find on a canvas done by one of the greats like Picasso. The world of Limbo, where you will be spending most of your time in the game is like a version of the real world where most normal physics theories don’t exist. From upside down swing bridges to suspended trailer crates. There are all manner of upheavals that would make even Einstein say “yowser”. All of which is beautiful and appealing to the visual senses.

So far the game seems perfect so the mechanics must be garbage, because as we know nothing is perfect, wrong. The mechanics are stuff that will probably be written about for years to come as some of the best in the action adventure genre. Dante is controlled by use of the joystick to move (Y) as primary attack (B) as the secondary attack, (A) to jump and (X) to use projectiles. The (bumpers) are both used to dodge attacks while the triggers serve as modifiers for your angel and demon weapons. Even our friend the d-pad has place in the mix as it serve as the weapon switch buttons. The arrangement of these controls and their implementation allow for some of the most fluid gameplay I have had the pleasure play in years, dare I say the best. (the controls I mentioned are for Xbox 360. the PS3 controls should be similar)

“mud on a wall with proper controls and great gameplay will get me off”

After adding all of dmc’s strong points (notice I didn’t mention anything bad) I can safely call Devil May Cry (2013) the best action game in its category and a must own game for any gamer worth his achievements.

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  1. I have nominated Button Smashers Blog for a Versatile Blogger Award. I think it perfectly embodies the spirit of the award. Btw, love the DMC review Ryu. You’re right on the money with it.

    1. thank you for the nomination it means a lot to us that you think so highly of our site. lol oh btw Ryu didn’t write the DMC review, but i’m honored that you would think he did it because he’s a better writer than I.

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