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Manga Day has come an meet me in another of my scattered brain modes. So it seems I’m writing this article At midnight instead of right after reading my weekly dose of manga on Wednesday. This week we had no One Piece, so you can account that as one of the reasons for my tardy writing practice this week. Anywho on with the article.


I feel a bit bad that I’m not that excited for Obito’s final form. I don’t know if it’s just me being detached from the series one week and Interested the next or if the writing is just so inconsistent. When I read chapter 640 earlier I remember not feeling anything emotionally for any of what was going on on the pages, (“lol pages I read on my tab”).
I like to think when I read manga or any kind of literature for that matter that I should feel something for the characters I’m reading about and with Naruto I’m not sure I feel anything but excitement when certain characters do something interesting, while the rest of the time I’m more “meh”.  I feel no anger, love, lust, sadness for the cast of characters as they do their weekly appearance in front my judgemental eyes.


This week’s Minamoto-kun has gone back to being a teaser style manga with just 9 pages to tease the fans. The two current main characters are still in their carnal entanglement but there is very little progress when compared to last weeks chapters. Terumi seems to be like a Car playing a chicken with a bull from my point of view. the Bloke makes a lot of progress and then decides he wants to back out when he reaches the holy grail, what kind of stalling is that? Other than that this bloke seems to know a lot of things for a Vegetarian (virgin). My guess is that he watches an unhealthy amount of Hentai, but didn’t we all at that age Smile with tongue out. My advice this week is to read the chapter and hate yourself after for doing so. Why? because the art this week is very stimulating Open-mouthed smile.

Mysterious Girlfriend X

Oh my god RYU you were right I lost a lot of stripes for only now noticing this gem Among manga. Oh God it is good. I actually told myself I would not write anything about it until I was finished reading all the chapters on my tab, but things change when a bloke has no One Piece to write about Urabe is just the character I was waiting for in my weekly manga fix and Tsubaki isn’t to bad himself. Even though He is the main character in this Manga his girlfriend far outshines him and puts him in the supporting role throughout the chapters and she does so in the most spectacular and interesting ways. This manga is “some what” ecchi, but I won’t tell you why I say that because I want you to go out and read it yourself and experience why. I won’t say anymore about it other than it’s a manga about an unlikely couple that share a bond via saliva or drool as it is called throughout the manga.
Still reading

this week I moved Bleach from my dropped list to Reading. This was not a move I made on my own but rather one I made due to a close friend highly recommend I give it a second try under the premise that it gets better after the arc where I stopped reading is over. I may start actually reading it again starting tomorrow and see if I can stomach the Writing that Kubo is putting to paper these days, wish me luck (fingers crossed). To all my readers and the entire Button Smashers Family have a Happy Manga day.

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  1. Mysterious Girlfriend X is super awesome! However, I am starting to feel the author needs to add a little more progression to their story, like Urabe’s background, or even show them getting a little ‘closer’

    1. I actually like the pacing for the story for some reason. It keeps me on edge when she seems to make a lot of progress and backs out at the last minute. what i think the series needs is a more frequent chapter release. right now i think it’s one chapter per month, that tends to make those that catch up to the series loose interest in it over a period of time. i.e. Btooom.

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