3DS Giveaway winner!

Finally the 3DS giveaway winner has been announced. 48 hours is your deadline to claim this device if you win.

Thank you to all that entered and to all that support us. Our next giveaway is already online so feel free to enter for a chance to win.


Qudduws Campbell

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    1. You’re such a good sport, I wish we could give one to everyone right now. Don’t worry though we will have another 3DS giveaway soon, along with a PS Vita one 😉 so you have two chances to win those when they go up.

      1. My heart skipped a beat when the winner was announced – I thought it was “Al” so I had to rewind just to make sure. Someone winning other than me is still a win for me in a sense because that’s another person to talk to about 3DS games. 🙂

  1. Saw this this morning and was super happy, but I couldn’t respond right away because I had to go out. I am somewhat confused on this matter, do I send a message over Facebook? That’s uh…kinda what I’m trying now. Sorry, the Contact Us page talked about Google+, Twitter, and Facebook and right now Facebook’s all I got.

      1. Some of the articles here actually gave me some ideas. Sad as it is to say, I didn’t even know about Virtue’s Last Reward until I read about it here. I went with Fire Emblem Awakening in the end. I figure I’ll be able to slowly build up a decent 3DS collection over the coming months.

          1. Thanks. So far, Virtue’s Last Reward and Bravely Default are my first planned purchases. Sadly, Cave Story 3DS WOULD have been among them, possibly even the first purchase I’d make, but when I looked it up on Amazon the prices were ridiculous. I wouldn’t pay some of them for one game, and I definitely wasn’t about to ask for that one with the 3DS(if I recall correctly, it was around $99 or so for a brand new copy on Amazon). Shame since I’m a bit of a fanboy for Cave Story, but I looked elsewhere online and found some places where people said they spent only around $20 at a local gamestop, so I’m gonna wait and keep track of my local one for when it gets one in.

          2. oh that rpg fatigue is a killer. I recently finished Persona 4 Golden and now i have D3, Bravely default, P3 and Pokemon to finish, and those are just the ones on handheld. Damn backlog.

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