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Finished watching Microsoft’s conference as scheduled and now it’s time to relax on my loo and put together my thoughts. In short this was a strong showing by the guys at Microsoft. It’s probably their beat showing at E3 ever. They focused on what we gamers want to see at these events, games. Hit after hit and reasons to make everyone and their mom want to get an Xbox one. Personally I’ve not been too hyped for the system since before it launched and to be frank I’m still not hyped for it. Why? Well it’s simple really. A lot of the best games that have been shown for the platform are not exclusive, and some that are, are just timed exclusives. That aside this was a still a strong showing by the boys in green, I just don’t see much of my genre (JRPGs) in there so I just don’t got the M fever.

OK with my total mental way of thinking aside, I’m super interested in Forza horizon 2. By god this is one amazing game. It’s like Jeremy Clarkson and an Xbox One had a baby and that baby was raised by James may, with Richard Hammond as it’s best friend, and the Stig as it’s teacher. That baby would have to be the most awesome baby……in the world. Yeah that’s how awesome Forza horizon 2 looks. Heck it probably looked better for all I know, because I was watching the conference in 720p resolution for the most of it. The game will feature 1000 player clubs, (hopefully there are enough players with the game to build a few), off road, 60fps and seamless multiplayer. I will admit I almost came in my pants when I saw that car drive across the grass sending debris flying at the cam. If nothing else this and the one before it will be the games I get my Xbox One to play.

"You and your crate are safe"
“You and your crate are safe”

Insomniac’s new IP (Sunset Overdrive) also looks awesome with a ton of personality poured on it and a cherry of charisma on top. It’s a gorgeous title with bright popping colors and from the demo they showed it seems to play at a smooth 60fps while your character does some amazing parcore on steroids. With the insanely over the top weapons Insomniac is known for and the style of the game I can’t see how it won’t at least be a decent selling game.

OK bla bla bla, I could go on all day, but I won’t. I actually wanna enjoy my loo for a bit so I’ll bid you adieu and suggest you listen to our first E3 special podcast later tonight for more of my and others thoughts on the conference.

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