Splatoon Nintendo’s new Amazing IP

I speculated that I would enjoy Nintendo’s conference and by god I was right. Nintendo started the Direct in a weird, but entertaining way by using a robot chicken style. Al that I expected to see was there and more, but Splatoon was not on my radar. I didn’t expect Nintendo to show a new IP, at least not this one. When they started showing the devs for the game near an aquarium I was think they would show an indie looking 2D platformer. What we got was Splatoon, a 3rd person multiplayer shooter that is both what we expect from the genre and so much that has not been done before.
Splatoon takes what we know about TPS and mixes some of that Nintendo magic in with it. It’s like a Disney and their movies, but just with gaming. According to the developers the game was built on its base mechanics first and then the characters were made. The characters are all squids that have human forms. They are able to change from hum to squid seemly at will with each form adding its own abilities. As a human you are able to walk and use you paint inspired weapons. This allows the player to add more paint to their surroundings to gain more territory and kill other players. The other form of the character, the squid is more of a mobile form. It is faster and is able to travel through its team’s ink. This allows for new and interesting ways to play.

Splatoon was not the game that I was supposed to be most hyped for at this Nintendo Direct, but as it turns out it is. I can’t wait to see more about this new IP and in the future actually play the hell out of it.

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