Manga Day: Zoro is a BAMF!

Zoro is a Bamf

It’s Manga Day Yes, Yes, Yes!

Good morning and a happy Manga day to you reading this Manga day article. I actually just woke at 9 am Trinidadian time; yes I get to sleep in today. 😀
As per my usual morning ritual I checked my phone for any messages I missed while asleep and then my tab. The tab had more notifications today than the phone, an occurrence that only seemed to happen once a week, today, Wednesday, Manga day. It had 4 updates for me, four new chapters that I had yet to read. So as usual I started with Naruto and worked my way to the main course that is One Piece.

Minamoto-Kun 132/133

I just can’t take Minamoto kun seriously. I try but I just can’t. I can’t tell if it’s just a poor translation or that the writing is just that bad but all the manga really seems to offer  is pretty good ecchi. That is all. This week we got 2 chapters again and after completing the Semi-san arc I feel cheated, cheated out of my time. The aunt tries to be revelational but never succeeds at coming close to that achievement. Her statement about semi’s growth falls flat and the emotional change that Semi herself shows doesn’t seem to come across to me the reader as logical. Maybe I’m weird, maybe I’m wrong. Maybe, just maybe I have no proper concept of the complexity of human emotion. Who knows? If that is true then I do apologize for my lack thereof, however if I am right then this manga is getting worst as it continues. It’s like a gross thing that you know you don’t really want to look at but yet you can’t look away. I must know how it ends.

One  Piece 754

That’s right guys and gals I’m back writing about OP and IT IS AWESOME! Hold, hold it, yes I am a total fan-man ( 😀 ) for this manga and as such you should expect me to look at each page with glory that Bartolomeo looks upon Luffy and the rest of the straw hat. Oh and as we are talking about Bart, can I just say that I sooooooo want him to join the crew. His reaction to Zoro had me shoot up from my laying position to that of a sitting one with fist pump included. One Piece has a certain childlike amusement that is just so refreshing for me after reading stuff like Naruto or Bleach (yeah I’m still reading that). It’s the way Kanjuro a Samurai can be portrayed as a total whack-job, but look oh so cool in the process. His power to draw stuff and bring it to life (yes I know Naruto already did that with Sai) is just so cool in itself, but it wouldn’t be One Piece if it just remained at that, oh no. Oda had to add some weird to that pot and make a guess what that is? I’ll give you a moment, go on think……. You haven’t figured it out yet? Oh OK you’re buddy Q will tell you. He has the power to bring his art to life but, can’t draw haha. I mean WTF! (The F is “Frak” go watch battlestar).  So yeah we have him and then that amazing moment with Zoro vs Pica. There is Zoro in full flight and Doffy’s top guy panting like an old dog, and those iconic lines; “You were never in my league to begin with”, as he struck him down. There’s more to this chapter, but I’ll save it for the comment section so go read it and join the conversation.

What else I read today:

  • Bleach 590: Marching out the zombies is a perfect chapter title for this week’s chapter. With both sides enlisting the help of the undead it was only fitting. Make a guess who had zombies in service of the Shinigami?
  • Naruto 686: All in all a splendid chapter. It’s no way near the level of OP but in its own right it was great. Naruto finally has the help of Sasuke again, Obito goes the way of the dodo and the Kage’s are hatching a plan to join the fray, and it’s all well illustrated from cover to cover. I’m not saying it was a perfect chapter by any stretch of the imagination, but as far as Naruto chapters go it’s among the best.

Well with that I’ll just wish you all a splendid conclusion of your Mangaday. I know everyone is reading something awesome so leave it in the comments section below and remember have a wonderful Manga Day.


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