More “Chronology” and Some “Master Reboot” w/ Allahweh

Since I enjoyed my first streaming session of Chronology so much, I decided to tackle it once more and take on Chapters 5-8. While the difficulty does ramp up a bit, I found that the second half wasn’t all that daunting, with Chapter 7 presenting the greatest challenge. The final “boss” was a bit underwhelming, and the game said he was “gone” at the end, yet he seemed very much alive in the background in the cutscene. Odd, to say the least.

Still, Chronology is a fun game and does have an interesting story (even if bits of the ending don’t make complete sense). I highly recommend it!

I recently also did another episode of “Night Terrors,” this time starting a streaming series on Master Reboot. That game is a really neat little indie psychological and atmospheric horror game, and having played about an hour or so of it late last year, I thought it was very appropriate to give this game another look. Honestly, it fails to disappoint.

If you haven’t picked that one up yet, you really should.

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