Manga Day: Conclusions


It’s Wednesday so that means manga day, and in typical mangaday fashion I have read my regular 3 manga of Naruto, One piece and Bleach. On Wednesday reading manga takes presidents over my morning coffee/tea. It’s a tradition that I must up keep and today was no different, well maybe a little. My tab is still damaged so I’m not reading as much as I use too, and today I ended up just reading from the browser.

 One Piece 757


I’m in a happy mood today, if you can’t already tell. Its more than my regular manga day glee, no this is so much more. All thanks to a certain manga by the name of One Piece. This week’s chapter was everything I wanted. It’s a conclusion to all the running about and all the lead up plot lines. It’s also the moment that law is finally free to wreak havoc on the battle field again, and this time he better not get over whelmed by that bastard mingo.  It’s gonna be a two on one fight so the ball is in his court, both his and luffy’s to prove themselves the total bad arse characters that we all know them to be.


Other than law making a full return it was my boy bartolomeo that stole most of the spot light this week. Have I mentioned how much I want this guy to join the crew of the straw hat pirates? Well if this is the first time you’re reading a manga day article from me then I’ll make it all so clear, “I want him to join the straw hats so badly”. As a character that seemed almost unstable it was nice to see his limits this week. It made him more human and by conjunction, more relatable. The rest of this week’s chapter was a mix and match of awesome square offs. Sabo vs Fujitora, Robin vs Gladius, and Kyros vs Daimante. It’s all there this week, and I’m sure it’s going to be even more exciting next mangaday.

Naruto 689

The series is finally at a closing point and I can feel it. It feels good. It’s not that the series is bad and needs to go away, no it’s that it’s finally ran its course and needs a conclusion. Like the great DBZ before it, it will not be forgotten and I’m sure we may see a remastered series or maybe even a few more games.  If they do however want to continue the story in that world that they have created I will not be against that idea, just as long as it’s not centred around the same current villages and characters. Change in the Naruto series will be a good thing, and after the way this week’s chapter ended I hope they don’t try to drag it out with some wonky explanations. Let the next few chapter be a conclusion set of chapters that just wrap up the post war affairs, before the big, THE END.


What else I read today:

  • Bleach 593: This week served its purpose of the 3rd chapter that I read. It wasn’t as exciting as the other 2 I read, but at the same time it had its own interesting plot that was somewhat engaging. I’m not a fan of what’s happened to Hitsugaya but at the same time I don’t want to see him come back to life in any cheap manner.

Well with that I’ll just wish you all a splendid conclusion of your Mangaday. I know everyone is reading something awesome, so tell me what that is in the comments section below and remember have a wonderful Manga Day.

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