New “Illusion of Gaia” Retro Play series!

One of the editors at Button Smashers Blog got me thinking about Illusion of Gaia not long ago when he wrote a post about it, and since I have actually done full playthroughs of Act Raiser and Soul Blazer (the “prequels” to this game), I found it was only fitting to finally get into this one too 🙂

Illusion of Gaia is an interesting game, but admittedly not my favorite action-RPG on the SNES. Does that mean it is a bad game at all? No. It actually has a moderately interesting story and very solid gameplay, and even today the game is pretty fun to play. I do find that the story is a bit cheesy, though I think that was pretty much the purpose in places. The game was meant to be fun, and light-hearted, though it does have its deep moments too.

Here, we kick things off with the first part of the game, which sees our hero Will thrust on an adventure that leads him from South Cape to the dungeon of the nearby castle, then to kidnapping the princess of said castle (but not really, LOL), and finally off to a mysterious village in search of some Incan (yes, Incan!) artifacts!


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    1. Yeah, haha. Though, I did use the emulator to upsample and clean up the graphics a bit, which is why it looks less pixelated and more “smooth” I think. Not bad, of course, but not the same as if they went back and gave it an overhaul.

      Actually, I’d like to see Act Raiser, Soul Blazer, this game, and Terranigma all remade 🙂

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