An Ethereal Adventure through the “Garden of Oblivion” w/ Allahweh!

It was only a few days ago when I first heard about a game called Garden of Oblivion. This probably shouldn’t be surprising: it is an indie game by a small group that usually doesn’t do games at all, but rather graphical novels. The game’s designer, Traumendes_Madchen (pronounced “tremendous mansion?”), designed it for a competition within 72 hours this summer and, after cleaning it up, released it on Indie DB on August 29, 2014.

The game has a very unique style to it. In essence, I think this style might detract a few gamers from giving it a real chance, but I strongly urge you to give this one a go. It has a unique story and artistic style, and in a 30 to 60 minute period of time it manages to draw you in and tell a story that really makes you consider the world around you and the nature of reality.

I hope you enjoy my playthrough, and if you are curious to try this game for yourself, you can find it here on Indie DB.


Jessica Brown

Retro Games and Technology Editor. She'll beat pretty much every Mega Man game without breaking a sweat.

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