Is the PS Vita just a perv machine?

To love ru vita

Seems to me that most of the titles slated for release on the PlayStation Vita are mostly pervy massage games. I’m not against these types of games, but it does give the system a sort of bad stigma in the eyes of the average consumer. To those of us that are a bit more open minded or those who have actually used a PS Vita we may think differently about Sony’s forgotten child.  It’s a pretty cool piece of tech and I tend to like ecchi games so its right up my ally.

I tend to like ecchi games

Titles like To Love-Ru -Trouble- Darkness are my kind of *transition titles (games I play between bigger releases). If you’ve been following a few of my most recent reviews you’ll see that I do play a few ecchi themed games. However even though I may like games like these, most gamers don’t, and having so many show up on the PS Vita may be a bad thing for the system.

The systems sales may have picked up because of remote play support for the PS4, but that alone is not enough to save the system. It is currently behind its main competitor the 3DS that has 49.98 Mil Units to the Vita’s 9.52 Mil Units sold.
Those of us that own Vitas want more quality games. Many of the titles that I want are released only in japan so that means that I may never even be able to play them. What I believe Sony needs to do is take a page out of Nintendo’s play book and self publish some titles for other regions to help fill out the system’s library. They also need to change the system’s image a bit through advertising. I’ve not seen a Vita Ad in ages, but I’m always seeing 3DS ads on Hulu, Tele, or YouTube. Sony needs to advertise the device better or it’s just going to become an afterthought in the handheld market.

if you’d like to hear more about my thoughts about this topic, then I suggest you listen to the Buttonsmashers podcast.


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  1. As a Vita owner it is hugely frustrating to see how Sony have handled the system. It is a portable that is a marvel (technologically speaking) and suited for so many different genres – a lot was made of the second analogue stick and so far there have 2 or 3 FPS.

    The past year has been a superb year for the Vita (from a software perspective) there have been so many great, great games released and I’ve played it more than I have any other console. Yet not one game was published, created or designed by Sony! A shocking state of affairs!

    How can a company spend so much on R&D create a piece of kit that has so much potential – put it to market and leave it to flounder? That is bewildering, Although Sony have previous as the PSP found itself in exactly the same situation.

    Like you I wish Sony would publish those games that are available in Japan and release them here – if only to make the console more appealing and pad out the sparse software library.

    Come on Sony – Vita comes from the latin for life – I see a short expectancy in the Vita – the irony is not lost on me!

    1. thanks for your insightful comment. Hopefully they get things together and start publishing more titles for the west. First part PSVITA is just suffering so bad it makes me wanna cry :'(

  2. The games you mention are a tiny part of the overall library and the upcoming release schedule so don’t agree with you on that, personally my criticism would be too many JRPG esque games, not sure fps are the way to go, Borderlands on the vita was an unplayable mess, screensize far too small for a game like that, actually much preferred unit 13, which I still play, despite the poor scores it received.

    It is an incredible piece of kit though, Uncharted was amazing when I first played that, shame the Vita has gone the way of Spleunky/OliOli type of games rather than fully fledged titles.

    The biggest concern is memory, they seem to be pushing it as the natural successor to the PSPGO, however the memory cards are still far too expensive to be considered a truly digital device.

    64gb Vita card is £69 on Amazon Uk, the most expensive 64 gig SD card I could find there was still half that price, poor show Sony.

    1. I didn’t mention that but I strongly agree. Sony needs to drop the price of the memory for the system. the main reason I don’t have more Vita games is because my system is out of memory and its so expensive to get a new memory card.

  3. The Vita is much more than a perv’s handheld, although I do like that it is the home of niche Japanese games that don’t get localized everywhere. Full disclosure – I got a Platinum on Monster Monpiece and Senran Kagura.

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