Why no MMO?


So, yeah, it’s 2015 and I’m still not actively playing any MMORPGs. What’s up with that?

As you know, around May 2014 I took an indefinite hiatus from Guild Wars 2 and after some brief stints messing around in Star Trek Online (again!) and Neverwinter, I kind of expanded it to an indefinite break from MMOs as a whole. It’s closing in on a year since I decided to take those steps back, and you might wonder why I haven’t found something new to suit my fancy. The short answer is that so far nothing has called to me to make me want to play it. I’ve briefly considered giving Elder Scrolls Online a go at some point, but so far haven’t pulled the trigger on that one. Beyond that, I am carefully observing games as they roll out to the market, but not anxiously jumping into anything.

Now, obviously I am aware that the first retail expansion to Guild Wars 2 is coming in the guise of Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, and yes, I will be considering picking that one up and getting into GW2 once again in at least a limited basis. But, beyond that, I just don’t feel that compulsion to get to deep into anything for a bit. Part of it, I suspect, just has to do with the often-draining nature of some online communities, and probably it is mainly a personality matter that factors in. I often go all-or-nothing into things I want to do, and as a result, it’s easy for me to get deep into something and then have there be personality fallings-out and then I’ll feel like tons of time has been wasted. Obviously, this is compounded by the fact that anonymity makes some people asses, so it’s much easier for guilds to fall apart or online friends to just up and vanish.

Anyway…Yeah, short of checking out Heart of Thorns, I’m still pretty steadfast in my resolve not to just jump into something right now. Eventually? Yeah. But we’re a bit out from me seeing something to make me change my mind!

Jessica Brown

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