More “Zelda: Flow of Time” w/ Allahweh =)

Having cleared out the Swamp Well and gotten our slingshot, it seems it’s time to head to the ruins of By’rov to search for our next major dungeon. By’rov, which was destroyed in the game’s intro, is nothing more than a wasteland now, but finding the dungeon’s entrance is trickier than you’d initially think. In fact, the entrance is, like with the previous dungeon, obscured by a somewhat complex cave system, but in order to open the path forward, we have to go to Gly’cov Woods and hit a switch in a cave that connects there.

Anyway, once we reach Crater Cove (the second major dungeon), we’re in for a complex treat. The dungeon is four floors, features numerous puzzles, and has some very difficult moments. I have to pause the video in a couple spots to explore (so as not to have the video be super boring), but eventually I piece it all together and we manage to find the key items, defeat the boss, and come out victorious.

So far, I’m really enjoying this game. Stick around, folks, as Episode 3 is on the horizon!


Jessica Brown

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