One Piece Pirate Warrior 3 available for pre-order on steam

One Piece Pirate Warriors 3 steam

Earlier this year we wrote about the next big One Piece game being announced for PC, and it’s finally official.

One Piece Pirate Warrior 3 steam

What I mean by official is that its now available for pre-order on Steam. I have to say I’m really enjoying this new trend of previously console exclusive games being available on PC. We already have Naruto, Dragon ball Z and now One Piece. It makes me wonder what we will get next. It’s like being on a game show and the guy saying “what’s behind door number 3”. It makes me extremely happy to see such a big developer like Namco Bandai taking the PC platform seriously. Now all that’s left is for other big developers to make all my PC gamer dreams come true. Level 5 needs to bring Inazuma Eleven, and Square Enix needs to bring Final Fantasy 15 , and Kingdom heats to steam.

Is there any game that is console exclusive that you want on steam?

One Piece Pirate Warrior 3 will be playable on steam from August 28 2015 for the price of $49.99. The game will include achievements, local co-op and controller support, but sadly no card support. Oh and you know it’s not a modern game unless you have day one DLC. So if you want to get some other story content and costumes you can buy the Gold Edition for $61.98. 

I’m not getting that JS   -_-




  • One costume for Luffy: Disguised as a giant fish to remain unnoticed in the kingdom of Dressrosa.
  • One costume for Sabo: Dressed as Lucy, the mysterious competitor fighting in Dressrosa’s Colosseum
  • An exclusive pack of additional missions
  • BONUS! two costumes from One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 included

Please note that all the prices listed in this article are US prices. Prices and availability of the game may vary depending on region. 


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