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Uwakoi is a manga that was recommended to me by a close friend. He, knowing that I fancy romantic, ecchi manga eagerly suggested that I give this one a try. Oh and I mean it when I say eagerly. This manga was literally shoved into my hands one night while we were hangout and I was instructed to, at the very least read the first chapter.

As I didn’t want to indirectly insult my friend I reluctantly took the manga and started reading. I immediately realized that I liked the art style of the manga. It was cute, but not in the pedo kind of way that anime like mitsudomoe use. If I had to compare it’s style to another manga It would be Asu no Yoichi. The characters all look their respective ages, but they all have more rounded faces which are associated with youth and cuteness, so that’s why I call it cute.


Uwakoi is the story about a boy named Yukiteru Tamaki who’s house is burnt to the ground and so he and his his family end up staying with a friend until they are able to get another home. When they eventually do get a new home the boy decides to stay with their hosts instead of going with his folks to their new home. He did this because of his friendship with one of the daughters (Yuno Kirishima) of the host family. The friendship between the two grew as they grew and some how they end up a couple. Now usually in situations like this I’d call this a shut case and close the book on this one, but as it so turned out the Yukiteru is not as interested in a relationship with the girl, but is in fact only dating her because he feels a weird sense of responsibility to her or as I personally think, he’s weak and likes the rush of the unexpected. You see he actually likes another girl who happens to be the best friend of Yuno and they are already in physical relationship without the Yuno knowing.

Oh and before anyone calls spoilers, this is all pretty much explained in the first chapter.

uwakoi unde the bridge

The relationship between the three main characters is a pretty unstable one, and it gets even more so as the story progresses. As more characters are introduced and more information comes to light the story changes from being a perceived cute little story about love into one that mom wouldn’t let little Timmy even hear about. A short way of putting this is that this manga is not for kids at all. It may not be hentai, but it’s pretty darn close.

Uwakoi is an on going series and so I’m reviewing up to the current chapter, 28.

uwakoi not for children

As a fan of ecchi I love it. The ecchi is very stimulating because of the great art, however as a fan of romance I dislike it. There is no romance really in this story. I never really had any time to find myself shipping any of the characters, because in just the first chapter the main male is already cheating and there are not really any other blokes in the manga. As a whole I’m intrigued by the mixture of good ecchi and the story of a bloke that can’t keep it in his pants so I’ll keep reading. If you like good old ecchi with lots of different characters and all sorts of adult themes, and crazy stuff happening all the time then this is a manga that you probably already have, and I’m barking up the wrong tree, but for those that are into this type of stuff,

stay away!!!

Avoid this one like it was the plague. The story is full of drama, an indecisive male protagonist, and nothing that anyway resembles romance. It is all carnal interactions from the beginning, and it has not slowed down in the slightest as of chapter 28.


If you’d like to hear more about my thoughts about this manga, then I suggest you listen to the Buttonsmashers podcast & Hopelessly Animanic

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