Many New Costumes for Super Mario Maker in New Update

Yay for Costumes!

The popular Wii U level-creation game Super Mario Maker has been receiving some very much needed updates, giving us things like checkpoints, level organization and new costumes, with the newest update bringing the latter. Here are the new costumes that have been added to the game via new Event Courses.

  • Mr. Saturn – Earthbound/Mother 2 & 3
  • Master Belch – Earthbound/Mother 2
  • Felyne – Monster Hunter
  • Bunny – Nintendo Badge Arcade

As soon as these Event Courses are cleared, the costumes are yours to play around with by using the Mystery Mushroom item during level creation.

In addition to these new costumes, another new costume has been leaked showing the Sky Pop airplane from Super Mario World, as shown in a video by the Youtube Channel and website GameXplain.

Source: Youtube (Nintendo Japan), GameXplain

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