Monthly Anime Update – January

Ahhh 2016 … but it’s not looking that bright this anime winter season to be honest. Nothing stands out unlike last year; filled with Food Wars, Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, and One-Punch Man. Practically everyone has heard of those. Any who, these are some of the anime that have caught my eye this season.


Sushi Police

A TV Short where Japan’s national food, sushi, becomes popularized and bastardised for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. This has to be one of the funniest plots I have ever seen, paired with an art style similar to that of Dreamwork’s, will provide much entertainment for this lacking anime season. TV Shorts are labelled that way because their episodes always have a shorter span than the common twenty minute episodes. Hopefully being a TV Short will not burden the show itself.


Phantasy Star Online 2: The Animation – Telecom Animation Film

This anime is pure advertisement for the game or more content for those already into the video games. It barely interested me, as I have played the demo on my PSP. I didn’t really have many games on the PSP and was one of the better demos I played, but I don’t expect much from this show.


Prince of Stride: Alternative – Madhouse Studios

Parkour the animation, one of the first sports anime that has piqued my interest instead of someone else recommending it to me. The plot goes in a similar fashion to Hyouka, where the protagonists revive a dying club and story follows from there, probably questioning why they are in the club after bringing it back.


Dimension W – Studio 3Hz

One of the first anime I heard of from this season, thanks to social network. It’s has beautiful art style and song by stereo dive foundation, which I assume is the opening. Plus Funamation has licensed the show, so it’s safe to assume the show will be at least decent.


Hopefully one of these may further your interests in a show this season. I was incredibly hyped when I was watching the trailer for Prince of Stride: Alternative and hopefully it turns out well.


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