Monthly Anime Update – March

Hello peps! Allen bringing you the last Month Anime Update for Winter 2016Let’s jump right into it shall we?



The only show that will be premiering during March is the Naruto spin-off called Itachi Shinden: Hikari to Yami. Personally I was really excited for this show when it was announced, but I’m a little skeptical now. If I hear good things about the show by the end of its airing, I’ll probably check it out. For those of you who don’t know who Itachi is… you are better off checking out Naruto first; The show is known for and is popular because of the first hundred episodes.


What I’m watching



Erased – 9 episodes in
Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Cause this one is basically Detective Conan. Having an older and smarter mind inside the body of an elementary school kid is an interesting premise. It’s what the entire show is riding on and who doesn’t love a good mystery? I can see people into Detective Conan boasting and hyping up Erased. Also shout outs to the amazing opening done by Asian Kungfu Generation; the ending is also a wonderful song that my brother has been humming nonstop ever since Erased started airing.



Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! – 4 episodes in
I have heard that this show is quite popular this season and with my brother telling me it’s worth the watch, it was inevitable I was gonna pick it up. It takes place in a pseudo-fantasy game setting similar to Dan Machi, but with an interesting cast and chemistry between them. Kazuma Sato is the ‘shut-in NEET Otaku’, but he has a surprisingly strong grasp of life in this parallel world. Aqua is what I describe as the ‘Hestia’, but with Asuna’s appearance. Megumin is the awesome chuunibyou mage who obsesses over explosion magic, but collapses after one use due to it’s overwhelming strength. Darkness is the masochistic and slightly perverted ‘tank’ of the guild. Watching the cast interact with each other is an absolute blast and I highly recommend this show as long as your on the look out for the chemistry taking place.Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! wallpaper 02


Old Shows:

Ao Haru Ride – Completed
I felt like Ao Haru Ride could have done more, but what I got was pretty good. They decided to give more screen time to the two main characters, but they’re romance didn’t go too far. Sure they got closer, but you could have used that time to make the whole friend group closer, kind of like how Kokoro Connect does it. Also have to give BIG shout outs to the insert song titled I will by Chelsy. They play this song during strong character bonding moments in the show and I would recommend the song based off this song alone.


Diamond no Ace – 62 episodes in
Sports have a difficult time appealing to everyone, especially in anime form. Baseball is a sport that I enjoyed during school, even thought it was a rare class. I could never understand this inequality. Why can’t baseball have as many classes as basketball or soccer (football)? Watching Diamond no Ace solidified my enjoyment of baseball, but I’ll always know that people won’t have as much fun watching it as I did.



And that concludes this update! I’ll definitely see you in the near future!

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