Kira Kira Star Night DX Is A Brand New Game For The Famicom

A company called Columbus Circle, who was responsible for the making of the 8 Bit Music Power Famicom chiptune mixtape, is now going to be releasing an actual video game that works on a Famicom. The game is called Kira Kira Star Night DX, which is a follow-up to Kira Kira Star Night, made by RIKI in 2013.

The game is about a girl called Fami-chan, who jumps around and collects stars before the time runs out, accompanied by some marvelous chiptune music from many different artists. Since this is a Famicom game, there really isn’t a whole lot of complexity beyond that and the 9 stages you can play on. Most of the fun will come from the music and the fact that someone made a Famicom game in 2016.

If you guys happen to have a Famicom, or a device that can run those kinds of games, you’ll be able to import this from Japan on July of this year, with the price tag being at least $44.99 on Play-Asia.







Source: Youtube (プロモーション コロンバスサークル), Play-Asia

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