Pyre is Supergiant Games 3rd Project, And It Looks Awesome

It’s no secret that I have always been a huge fan of Supergiant Games. Bastion was a great game that I’ve played numerous times already, and Transistor exceed all my expectations and captivated me like the previous game. And now, their third project was available to play during PAX East 2016, called Pyre. It is a party-based role-playing game about some mysterious masked wandered that find you in the middle of nowhere, who then need your help to guide them to freedom.

Most of the story details are still a mystery, but I guess we’ll have to play the game to find out. That won’t be for a while though, since the game is slated for a 2017 release on Steam and PlayStation 4. In order to satiate your thirst, you can watch the announcement trailer for it above, and a 20 minute gameplay video of the PAX demo below, provided by Youtube personality Totalbiscuit himself. Give it a watch and hopefully you enjoy! Needless to say, I think this looks great and will be more than happy to play this at release.

Source: Supergiant Games Official Page, Youtube (Totalbiscuit)

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