“Chances of The World Ends With You sequel are low” Says Kingdom Hearts Director


Well, this little bit of news took me completely off guard. I was not expecting in a million years for anyone from Square Enix to once again talk about The Worlds Ends With You, my most favorite game of all time. Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Kingdom Hearts, pointed out that The World Ends With You had a really big following overseas, but that it would be difficult to make a sequel, though not completely out of the question. His interview with Famitsu says that he wants to ensure that he will have the right staff and team needed to create a game that is either equal or bigger than the original.

Personally, this gets me very excited. Even though the chances are incredibly low for any kind of sequel to happen, despite the fact that the iOS remaster has a secret ending that hints at one, I’m glad that at the very least they are considering making some sort of follow up on the same level to my most favorite game I’ve ever played.

Please…let this actually happen someday.


Source: Nintendo Everything, Famitsu, Gematsu

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