Blazblue: Central Fiction Es Trailer Out Now!

I hate to repeat myself with these darn Blazblue articles, but I SERIOUSLY CAN’T WAIT for this game to come out already. First, we get confirmation that the game will be released in Q4 of this year, then we got to see some cool looking PS4 footage. Now, we have ourselves a new trailer for a new playable character. If you thought that Izanami was a surprise, then get ready to see Es, from the Xblaze visual novels, make her ass-kicking appearance in this video. It’s pretty exciting seeing her in motion, considering that everything that had been seen about her were only a handful of screenshots.

As always, I’m hyped! Es will be a first-print bonus DLC character when it comes out in Japan on October 6, but we still don’t know how she will be delivered in the west. Judging from past experience, she will probably be DLC, until the “Extend” version inevitably comes out, which would include all DLC from the beginning.

Source: arksystemworks (Youtube)


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