Win an HTC Vive From The Bundle Stars Summer Sale!

One of the best reasons to be a PC gamer are the amazingly great sales on triple-A games that you will not find on any other platform. If you’re like us and have a list of titles that you’d like to play for less then  rejoice, the wait is over. Bundle Stars Summer Sale is live now!

Bundle Star Summer 2016 Sale
You can grab hundreds of blistering hot deals on Steam games from Bundle Stars ( ) every day, from Monday, August 8th through to Monday 22nd August. With discounts as high as 98%, this is your chance to lap up some of the best Steam deals of the Summer, and in some cases, the best deals ever.

Some of the best titles include:

  • Arkham Knight (including all the DLC) for $19.99
  • Mad Max for $11.99
  • Mortal Kombat X Premium Edition for $12.49
  • Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor (including all the DLC) for $9.99
  • 2 copies of Injustice: Gods Among Us for $8.99
  • LEGO STAR WARS: The Force Awakens for $29.99

Every Steam key sold by Bundle Stars is strictly sourced from official channels, so you can rest assured that your game will work right away. It’s also nice to know that your money is safely landing in the hands of the folks who made your game in the first place.

Bundle Stars is also giving a bonus 5% discount voucher to everyone who buys during the Summer Sale, valid until August 31st at 8am BST. Nice.

But that’s not all. Buy any game or bundle during the Bundle Stars Summer Sale and you will be automatically entered into a prize draw to win a stunning HTC Vive virtual reality system powered by Steam VR, worth $799. Want to be the envy of your friends? You could be among the first gamers in the world to experience true-to-life interactions and immersive experiences thanks to stunning graphics, HD haptic feedback and 360˚ motion tracking.

What are you waiting on, get out of here. Go get yourself something nice. 😉

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