Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure

Become Thor, the mighty God of Thunder in the newly released Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure!

The House of Fables invites all Norse mythology fans to dive into a beautiful fantasy world of Scandinavian legends, gods, and artifacts.

promo08Wrath of Loki: VR Adventure takes place in a fantasy world inspired by Nordic legends. The player enters Asgard, a mythical land where the Nordic gods dwell. The player’s goal is to find a magical artifact: the Horn of Heimdall, in order to defeat a raging Loki, who wants to bring about the end of days (Ragnarok)

The game is a Hidden Object Adventure based on gameplay solutions classic for the genre such as puzzles solving, mini games, finding and collecting hidden objects. While playing the gamer will enter three domains of the Nordic gods: the land of Thor, Freya and Odin. In each domain one section of the artifact is hidden, but to find it the player has to collect its component pieces and solve puzzles. Each location is a 360° hidden object scene. The unique VR experience will take the player inside these epic domains.

The game is perfect for a first time VR experience

– Adam Robaszynski-Janiec: House of Fables Owner

cover01The game was designed with minimal in game movement so as to avoid motion sickness and disorientation. Players become immersed in this fantasy world which is a beautiful blend of 2D and 3D animation in which they themselves interact by simply looking around. The game operates as a VR point and click (or Look and click) and uses its simplicity to highlight what VR really has to offer. With an average play time of 30 minutes the game is a perfect VR experience for gamers and none gamers alike, basically anyone who would like to experience VR.

More details about the game can be found on The House of Fable Website or the official Facebook page. The game is also now available for purchase from the Oculus Store for USD$2.99


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