Check Out Ryuji and Ann’s English Voices in Persona 5!

Atlus has released a handful of videos showing off the English voices for two of the main characters in Persona 5, probably one of the most anticipated games for me in a long while. Ryuji will be played by Max Mittleman and Ann by Erika Harlacher. Of course, most people already knew that, especially if you saw our previous article giving you the full list of voice actors. Go ahead and and watch these videos, which contain a small portion of the character’s line in the game and then a small interview with the voice actors themselves.

Persona 5 is out now in Japan, but it’ll be out in English on February 14, 2017 for PS3 and PS4. However, if you have a Japanese account, I recommend you get one of those cool-looking P5 themes. They’re pretty affordable.

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