Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash Has Gone Gold!

The game is finally finished! In an interview with, Kenichiro Takaki himself announced “It [Peach Beach Splash] has gone gold, so there won’t be a delay!” This is to be expected, considering how the game’s release is almost exactly a month away in Japan.

One very interesting thing Takaki said is that even though the game is done, there is still a lot of that they haven’t revealed yet regarding the game, especially the preparations he is making for character collaborations, similar to the DLC characters from Estival Versus. Of course, we still don’t know what crossover characters will be making it, so we can only speculate.

There isn’t much to say beyond that, other than expressing excitement over the fact that the game is finally finished! Now, all we need to know is when the game will be translated to English…

Source: Interview

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