Atlus Registers Domains: P3D, P5AG, P5D, P5R, P5, Persona Dance and PQ2

Ryu’s Office is the name of the games business marketing solution company that registers various game-related domains; the most recent domain name of note was for the upcoming Project Re: Fantasy from Atlus. However, there are now many more domains that are connected to the Persona franchise on April 18. Here are the names of the domains:


On April 4, there were another three domains registered that probably don’t mean anything right now, but they still kinda sent a weird chill down my spine:

Of course we can all speculate what these abbreviations mean, but we no clear way of knowing what they truly stand for. We can figure some out pretty easily like P3D (Persona 3 Dancing?), PD5 (Persona 5 Dancing?), P5U (Persona 5 Ultimax? Another fighting game?) and Persona Q 2. There’s only a few here that are very easy to recognize like Persona Dance and Persona 8-10, but I’m not entirely sure that any of these domains mean anything for the near future, especially with Persona 8-10 (no 6-7 though.)

There have been many moments where companies simply reserve domain names just in case games with these names do end up happening in the future, and is in no way an indication of a bunch of Persona dancing and fighting games coming out soon. There are a few that makes sense for right now, like all of the P5 ones and a Persona Q sequel, but it doesn’t mean anything if there’s isn’t at least a trailer or confirmation from someone that it’s happening.

Source: MysticDistance (Twitter)


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