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Who do they think is going to appreciate the word ‘plenipotentiary’? That’s one cumbersome word if you ask me. Long story short the average reader is gonna need a dictionary or Google at the ready to read this book. It’s littered with words that are not commonly used by most people. As for me, I’ve never been a fan of complicated things when an easier much more user friendly option is available, but with No Game No Life those kind of eccentricities are to be expected.

In No Game No life Please! We follow the exploits of one of the side characters from the No Game No Life main series, Izuna Hatsuse. The way the story is written, it’s not necessarily what you’d expect from the standard plot of the main series, as this is a spin-off from the point of view of another character, who is dare I say, innocent to the ways of the mature world. The story is portrayed from this character’s point of view, so no matter how mature it gets, it’s still treated as though it were a kids tale that sometimes happens to stumble upon stuff that kids don’t understand. We do get to see both protagonist from the main series, as well as other other characters, but it’s got more of a short skit comic feel to it. This is because there are no real big stakes in this first volume, and each of the chapters seem to be an excuse to show some lolli fan-service. It’s even on the back of the front cover… O.O

If you’re not a fan of lollis, or indifferent to them like I am then this book is gonna make you cringe. It’s littered with the stuff.


Oh and did I mention that this manga is lewd yet? Oh it’s quite lewd. In fact the front cover has a warning label that states that the book has mature content, which I assumed meant some basic ecchi, but oh no. This manga has some real P-life ecchi in the form of some good old fashion naked boob shiggle. For me the main character had zero appeal to her as she’s just a kid, but the other ladies around her…. Oooohhh….

Oh, and that image above is something I snatched from a scanlation for the review. The real images is much more lewd. I present Exhibit A to the court:


Oh lord rest a hand on my shoulders, because my thoughts have so much sins. ?


The ecchi in this one is propelled even further by it’s exceptional art. I’m gonna get even more lewd here, so skip a line or two if you’re a bit sensitive to that kind of stuff. In the manga each of the boobs on display are quite distinct. No two characters have the same shaped boobs, and they don’t all look like those hooker boobs that are usually presented to us in these types of books. They’re more natural looking shapes, and for the most part they fit the characters. I found the shiggle to a healthy mixture of what I consider to be more realistic boob shapes, and they do get the engines going if you know what I mean. ?

No Game No Life Please! also features the type of art I prefer in the manga I read. Clean, clutter free, cute characters in a beautifully illustrated manner. The backgrounds are detailed enough to give a sense of the environment, but not as detailed as stuff like the Jojo line of books. I like to think of it as the baby bear’s porridge of the manga world. Not too little detail to seem lazy, and not too much that the background steals the attention, or makes it difficult to read. Just a healthy middle ground.


Keep in mind this image is from a scanlation. The original is better 😀


As for the personalities of the characters. We get the main character, Izuna who is an adorable innocent adolescent Werebeasts with a filthy potty mouth (she’s to honest). In a way I just think she doesn’t know any better. Then we get the attractive childhood friend type, Stephanie, who always seems to be up to some scheme that ultimately blows up in her face (she may not be the most clever, but Steph is waifu, “Love her!”). The two Flügel sisters, Jibril & Azriel, and their dominative personalities, the old man…  no more need to be said about Him, the mischievously devilish Dhampir, Plum and her fine petite booty, and of course the brother and sister rulers, Sora & Shiro, who make a couple cameos, but I hope they are fazed out a bit more in future books, or at least the brother. 

Hmm…. wait, I think I’m forgetting someone… just a sec, let me mentally recall all the boobs. Hmmm… Ahh… I remember there is one other character, that’s important to this manga’s plot, I’d even go so far as to say she’s probably the most important character to the plot after Izuna. I’m speaking of the leader of the Werebeasts, Miko. By the end of this first volume she makes an interesting revelation that I think sets up the subsequent volumes in a really nice way. I won’t spoil what it is, but it got me really interested in reading more volumes of No Game No life Please!

Final Verdict

Leave your innocents at the door when picking up this one, because though it may have a cute innocent character for a protagonist, the rest of stuff around her is anything but innocent. This book is something that fans of the No Game No Life main series should like, dues to all the familiar characters, as well as fans of good old fashioned shiggle. Just keep in mind that it is littered with lollis.

The copy of no game no life please used for this review was provided to us by Yen Press.


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