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After reading a couple episodes of this manhwa I eventually came to the understanding that it is like a case study about the behavior of women and men from a male point of view.

You see this universe has numerous mysteries that we cannot ever hope to comprehend, and on the top of that list are women. Note that my statement is directed to both male, and female readers, because women don’t seem to comprehend themselves either. In fact, a lot of the misunderstandings that women and men have are derived from this inability to comprehend the female Homo sapiens. A woman may find a man that treats her well, gives her all the support she desires, and yet she’ll avoid him. She may say lets play golf, then when you get to the course she is no longer interested in playing, and if you ask her why she may not have an answer… As previously mentioned the manhwa does also touch on the male psyche as well, but you’ll quickly learn that men are much more simple creatures, if you don’t know that already.

Basic breakdown of the male Psyche:

  • Man want snu snu
  • Man want eat
  • Man want sleep

These are the 3 main desires of men, and the things that mainly drive their existence. Yes there are other things that men want, but none outweigh these 3.

As for the other side of the biological tree…

Basic breakdown of the female Psyche:

Find me someone that knows the answer to this question, because I don’t know, and I don’t believe I know of anyone that does… (I’m being serious here, if you know the answer please share it with me).

Please note there are outliers to my previous statements on both men, and women. I’m mainly referring to the general status quo that this series covers.

Introduction: Sunggi’s Study Group is a manhwa about a group of people that have been brought together to form a study group so that they can pass a government exams, and get a good job. Well at least that the premise we are made to believe at first… “umm… I didn’t believe that… js” ?

You see that real purpose of the ‘study group’ is to facilitate the need to let off some steam, while under the guise of studying.

Oh, and if you haven’t realized it by now. THIS MANHWA IS LEWD AS FRAK! It’s probably the lewdest one I’ve read to date, and I’ve read some insanely lewd stuff so far. Even the censorship is half-assed (thank you, the more uncensored the better I say). Things like an occasional uncensored/partially uncensored dick, or vaj are common in this one, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on reading it.


Back to the plot. The main character we are introduced to is a major dork, I’m talking beyond Urkel levels of dorkitude. Dude has big glasses, shitty style, stammers when talking to girls, and no ability to read the mood. Oh, I almost forgot, he’s also an idiot.

So, dude is in this class attempting to study to pass this exam at age 30, and is dragged into this study group by this P-life machine he calls a friend. Skipping along a bit we get introduced to the chick that is the main focus of dude. Dude likes her but is too much of a shit head to read the mood and seal the deal. Heck, he was dumped by his ex for being too much of a bitch who can’t read a mood even if it slaps him in the face. One classic example of just how clueless he is can be found in an episode where he’s in a room with a girl that choose to go to a motel with him. When they get to the motel she immediately starts complains that it’s too hot in the motel while exposing her cleavage, he being a complete and utter buffoon offers to go buy her beer or turn down the AC… I mean WTF dude, WTF? I kid you not. I was so ready to ditch this one after reading that episode, but thankfully I stuck it out.

The story takes a big abrupt turn at the 30th episode, and It’s so well done that it gripped me even more, like a carnal rondevu that results in you not being able to pull out even when you know you should. I won’t spoil exactly what happens, but ooooh it’s gooood.



Speaking of good, the art is exceptional in Sunggi’s Study Group. I recommend keeping a clean pair of trousers near by because you’re gonna need it when reading this manhwa. The standard art on the average episode is colorful & neat in a vibrant way, featuring some clean lines, detailed environments where required, and colours one would expect to find in manhwa; however, this is just the standard art. Oh it gets better. This manhwa takes on some very specific changes in style when depicting things of a lewd nature. The colours are darkened, everything is much more detailed, and characters all have a shiny filter over them as if they were covered from head to toe in oil. ? This is in no way something new to lewd manhwa, but I’ve never seen it implemented as well as it is in Sunggi’s Study Group, especially when keeping in mind the censorship I mentioned earlier. It’s lewd in every sense of the word, and I love it.

I don’t really need to censor this, because it already is , but felt like being a tease 😉

As for the characters in this one, they aren’t the most complex, but they don’t need to be. Each character is fundamentally corrupt, even if they themselves don’t know it yet. You’re not going to find any innocent lads or damsels in distress in this story. If you think you’re seeing a victim it’s only because you’re still too early into the plot. As you progress, you’ll quickly come to understand this as I did. It’s to the point that immediately after a new character is introduced I start guessing about what their corruption may be. I liked this aspect of the manhwa a lot because it showed the characters as flawed, which made them more relatable. We get so many perfect molds or character archetypes in manga these days that it’s refreshing when we get more realistic representation of flawed people. Even our main protagonist, Sunggi isn’t what he seems. When he’s handling business he’s ripped, and his equipment is massive. He even learns how to use it in numerous ways over the course of the story.

Final Verdict

This manhwa should come with the warning: “may insight the desire to bust a nut”. Keeping clean trousers nearby while reading this is as necessary as keeping the lights on while reading. The plot is lewd, characters are interesting, and art is exceptional. Forget 50 shades, and pick this one up if you need something to inspire your sex life, or if you’re just in the mood for some good old temptation.

Sunggi’s Study Group is written by Husky-nom and illustrated by  Edge-Edge, and is currently being published by Lezhin Comics.


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  1. the answer to the Question is “F**k logic” u^u
    I always like these Art Styles Korean Manhwa’s have
    Even more lewd that before eh …hmm think ill skip this one doh as the premise doesn’t seem to have anything worth following. and well if the characters are just regular flawed beings then why bother, wheres my drama huh
    oh well *puts on bookmark shelf* maybe some day when im bored ><

    1. You’ll regret not reading it. Keep in mind that twist that I mentioned in the review. There are mysteries to this one, just give it a try 😉

    1. Hope you enjoy it. Be warned though that it gets pretty slow in the end, and the girl I was routing for, the one most fans began to like is pretty much derailed just as things are getting good with her. Other than that it’s a splendid read ?

      1. Finished! i’ve read this manhwa without seeing your reply and i 1000% agree with you. Dude… that girl makes me upset for sure. We can’t deny that the MC is cheating but that girl is so shitty man… ahh i don’t care. And i’m hoping for the after story. Hyun Kyung is just so good ~LoL~
        Maybe 8/10 from me…

        1. Lol I’m also hopeful for an after story with this one. At the very least I’d like to see the MC and the girl at the end have some more good times

          1. Hey, don’t you want to give some reviews about Drug Candy ? It’s an adult manhwa too. The story is making me “wow, is this the end? Damn!!”. You should read that if you haven’t.

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