We Don’t Usually Recommend Pre-orders, but F*** It We’re Getting A Way Out

The most passionate game developer ever, Josef Fares surprised all of us and shook-up The Game Awards 2017, even going so far as to talk about the controversy surrounding his game’s publisher, EA and the loot box situation in the industry. Josef’s straight forward, and lets face it, edgy charms won us over, and after watching the game’s new trailer and spectacular moment on stage at the Award’s you’ll likely feel the same way about him and his game as we do.

We already had interest in the game when it was announced before, but now that we know that the game doesn’t require two copies to play we are 100% sold, and accord to Josef it’s all his idea, all of it. Take notes developers, this is how you win over fans and the press. Avoid the money grubbing bullocks, and do as much as you can to give players the best experience with your game.

Hazelight Studios, A Way Out launches for PS4, XBOX One and PC via Origin on March 23, 2018. We’re getting it, are you?

Qudduws Campbell

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