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Do you own a great set of headphones that you wish you could use as a gaming headset, but it doesn’t have a microphone? Antlion Audio has a great solution for you called the ModMic 5. With this deluxe kit, you can transform an audio-only pair of headphones into a fully functioning headset in just minutes.


Installation really couldn’t be easier, it’s very plug and play. Simply clean your existing headphones with the included alcohol pad, remove the sticker over the adhesive on the ModMic 5, and press it into place while wearing the headphones to make sure everything is set properly. After you’ve got it set properly, remove the headphones from your head, detach the ModMic 5 from the magnetic base, and press the base firmly into the headphones for 30 seconds. That’s it! You’re done! The best part about the ModMic 5 system is you can snap it on and off your headphone in a second thanks to the magnetic base. You can also flip up the mic so it’s parallel to the headband because the base holds the mic firmly in several different positions.

Cable management

If you want to configure your newly made headset more permanently, without taking the ModMic 5 on and off, Antlion Audio provides two options. The kit provides several small plastic clips that will keep the two microphone and headphone cables close together. If you want an even more permanent (although reversible) solution, you can place both cables in the included braided sleeving, giving your new headset a very professional look.

What’s included?

The ModMic 5 comes with everything you’d need for your headset. Besides the cable management items I just mentioned, the kit also includes a spare magnetic base. You could theoretically use the ModMic 5 on two different headphones! You also get two lengths of cable so you can have the perfect distance without tripping on extra or running too short. Also included is a simple inline 3.5mm mute switch. All of these goodies fit snugly in the included zippered pouch for when not in use.



Although the ModMic 5 kit includes everything you need to make your headphones into a headset, AntLion does provide some additional accessories you may need depending on your situation. The Y adapter is all you need to use the ModMic with current-gen consoles like the Xbox1 and PS4, tablets, and phones with a single input. If you are a Mac user, or have a laptop without separate microphone/headphone inputs, you’ll want the USB soundcard. Lastly if you are a podcaster like myself, you’ll love the Audio XLR Power Converter. With this device between your ModMic 5 and an XLR cable to a studio mixer, you can create studio quality recordings with ModMic and a mixer by safely converting 48v phantom power to 5v plugin power.

In use

Using your ModMic 5 is very easy. Simply plug in your headphone and microphone cable to your PC, and use it just like any other gaming headset. The inline mute switch on the cable leaving the ModMic is simple, as is the switch by the tip of the microphone that switches between omni-directional (whole room) to the noise cancelling uni-directional (just you). It’s practically dummy-proof.

Final Verdict

If you have a high-quality pair of headphones you wish to transform intto a gaming headset, it’s hard to imagine a more elegant and simple solution than the ModMic 5. Antlion audio backs their well-crafted product with a generous warranty, and they provide a wide array of accessories to support your new headset in almost every imaginable use scenario.

If you’d like to see how easy it is to assemble a ModMic 5 headset and hear it in various scenarios including on a PlayStation 4, PC, and connected to a mixer, please check the video above.

A ModMic 5 unit and several accessories were provided by Antlion Audio for the purposes of this review.


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