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Given 12 episodes to work with, this ecchi anime reeks of BDSM undertones that aren’t really “under”. Prison School falls into the category of sex-comedy due to its blatant pantsu shots, oppai cameos and dark humor. At a school setting with occasional romance, this title delivers what it promises from the very beginning, but who knew school could be so kinky and restricting all at once? It is absolutely suggestive when you really think of it. It’s like they are sex-slaves minus the sex, but still eroticly twisted.

Watching this anime censored is like brushing your teeth without toothpaste

It should be noted that almost every aspect of this anime is exaggerated and that includes the character design, animation style, storyline and voice acting. The animators paid great attention to detail. The way they emphasized the character’s faces give a vivid representation of their emotions and the high animation quality is to be respected when it comes this series. This anime is absolutely graphic, so it is not for the faint at heart and definitely not for children. Furthermore, watching this anime censored is like brushing your teeth without toothpaste. It can work, but it just isn’t the same.

Too Old For High School

Brilliant art by Speedo

Prepare for booty in your face every now and then because it seems to be part of the theme, but that is to be expected from an ecchi anime. It should be noted that the female body is heavily defined and imprinted through their clothing. While keeping your eyes off the President’s pantsu and juicy oppai may be hard, they are equally as distracting as Reiji (Andre) Andou’s face. The only difference is your feeling towards either subject. What’s more is that Joe’s character resembles Shino from Naruto mixed with the look of a shady 35 year old criminal. Oddly enough, all of the characters look a bit too mature to be going to high school. They look like they all have a spouse with children and a 401K plan on the way, but it’s probably like that for a good reason. The only one who looks a bit young is Kiyoshi, but he still doesn’t look like a teenager. Their voices were perfectly fitting for each characters design, as well.

being bored doesn’t seem to be an option

There are few things that add to the excitement of this anime and they are the romance between certain characters, the fact that most episodes have multiple plot twists, the exaggerated scenes and the characters who tend to get themselves into awkward situations which fuels part of the comedic element of this warped series. The series is a hyperbole in itself and has a schizophrenic personality, which simply means that the tone of each scene changes rapidly. With this, being bored doesn’t seem to be an option when feasting your eyes on this daring anime. The academy’s president is a matriarch with what seems to be a case of daddy issues. It’s like everyone there has some sort of mental deficiency. It’s insane!

Please do not ignore the direction of the dialogue

[Editor note] I don’t care about that dialogue, but that view though
It appears that they enjoy being beaten senseless by big-titted dominatrices. They don’t like their punishment, but they want a reason to stay. How sexually frustrated can you be? Well, the masochism is strong with this one, but the amount of violence is unsettling. All of the action scenes add excitement but there are times when it can be a bit too brutal for the male characters. Additionally, the girls don’t like the perversion at first, but then it turns out that they do. This borderline hentai with girls on steroids is a one of a kind masterpiece and it’s not just because sex sells. It isn’t your regular everyday plot. It’s pretty much outside of the box, which makes it special. Even the jokes are delivered successfully with no apologies.

Final Verdict

The team at J.C. Staff has definitely outdone themselves this time. If you are looking for an anime that isn’t made with a recycled plot and filled with lots of excitement, then this is for you. The peculiarity of it all, makes for a thrilling experience that is one in a million. The ecchi content works in tandem with the story and all of the comedic input which isn’t always the case for this type of series. The only questionable thing would be that characters look grown, but at least some mature oppai and not the generic bee stings is an upside. Loaded with brutality, this is a pacifist’s nightmare, but wait! There’s more! It’s also a misogynist nightmare because the aggressors are mainly female and it’s about girls who despise men for sexualizing women.

Such irony

At the end, it’s funny how all this anger turned into compassion, romance and retribution. What a clever storyline. Well played. We learnt our lessons. That’s all there is to it.

This review is of the first season of the Prison School Anime. Episodes can be found on Crunchyroll. The Manga is published by Yen Press.

Written by: Nikauleene Andrews

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