From Manga to Video Game: Prison School

Where have you been all my life?

This is the question I asked myself when I stumbled upon the greatness that is the Prison School manga series. So many glorious chapters filled with ample amount of side-splitting comedy and undiluted ecchi. Binge-reading this manga may result in neglected family and friends, because you may feel like you’re in another dimension.

Yes, it’s that good

I can’t begin to express how satisfying it was to indulge in such a good read, and it makes me wonder how amazeballs it would be if it transitioned into a video game.

Prison School Plot

Prison school tells the tale of an all-girl boarding school transitioning into a co-ed institution. Metaphorically speaking, the school lost its virginity when they (Men) set foot on the compound. Let’s just say, their purity and feminine innocence were defiled by the ills of the male species. Oh, you read that correctly. I’m being sexist, you say? You will be shaking hands with me by the time you complete this manga series and editorial because it’s the truth…but still hilarious. That’s all I’m going to say concerning the storyline. Now it’s your chance to read it if you haven’t already and change my mind.

The Prison School Game

I know you’re probably wondering why I haven’t mentioned the game yet, well be patient. I envision it similar to the design of Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions.

The cut-scenes begin with a 2D version of the main scenarios which show the reason they are in the prison section of the school. A close-nit version of the storyline is the main premise of the game. I picture it as a stealth based game where your enemy would be the girls from the academy, of course. When going on missions, your main goal is to not get caught by the Academy President, V.P. or Hana, as they would be placed at certain locations to monitor the area.

There should be a metre/ gauge on your screen ranging from blue to red which indicates how close you are to being caught by one of the girls. If you do get caught, you will be attacked by the President’s murder of crows. It’s so fitting to use that collective noun “murder” because that’s pretty much what will happen after the crows have their way with you.

You can add to your stealth level by obtaining one of those black whole-body leotards the guys wore. Other options could be hiding and move around in a patch of bush or in a cardboard box. A life-span of 30 secs for these elements may be implemented to avoid the game being too easy. These body suits would have 2 chances of being obtained per mission. As you progress to higher levels, the courses get harder and more ridiculous and that includes more cleavage as little incentive for the hot-blooded individuals out there.

Editor Note: Didn’t want to look at male body suite so got this sweet one of Katyuska MoonFox ~You’re welcome

Everything is better with inner monologue

There will be an inner monologue of your character as the surveillance metre/gauge goes closer to red. Based on each colour (blue, green, yellow, orange, red) that the lever is pointing at, his words should indicate different levels on panic. Blue is the safest colour, yellow is in the middle and anything after that is a sign of danger.


The option to walk upright, crouched or prone would make a great addition to theme of the game, don’t you think? It only makes sense right? I know. Now that I think about it, there could be a multiplayer option where you play with up to 4 friends with a split screen or online.

Outside the main stuff

This is the main idea but it would be cool if there were side missions. For example; arm-wrestling missions where you choose your opponent and that can range from the President of the Academy, all the way down to one of your friends. Another mission could be to help the principal collect all of his nudes that got thrown all over the place by his angry daughter. Each of these missions should be based on the absurdity of the manga which means that it would have a mature rating and would be inappropriate for anyone under the age of the 18. The more I think about the it, the better it sounds.

The game is imagined to appear more attractive in 3D, but as I mentioned before, the cut-scenes may be better off in 2D. The game will have a visible map of the school and prison on the side and an active world will be around you as well. While there won’t only be two side missions, those that I mentioned are just to highlight how warped they can be. Normal things are boring to me, which is why I think this video game would be pretty interesting to play. Well folks, this ends my proposal of the Prison School video game. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed thinking of it.

Manga: Prison School
PublisherYen Press (NA), Kodansha
MangakaAkira Hiramoto
Genre: Sex Comedy
Game Genre: Stealth, Ecchi

Editorial by: Nikauleene Andrews

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