The Upside of Dating a Yandere

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not difficult to find the positives of the yandere personality trait. These are the type of people who would kill for you and probably kill you too, but forget what I said about them killing you. What you should care about is their romantic obsession with every atom that is part of your DNA.

Anime like School Days, Mirai Nikki, Higurashi and others are known for these character types and they are usually female. That’s pretty sexist when you think of it, but let’s focus on the positives here. Yanderes are literally crazy for their significant other, and I’m pretty sure they give good head considering that they are freaks, in general.

Do you understand why this needs to be said? It’s because yanderes are people too! It’s more about the sincerity of the connection between two consenting individuals and the natural fixation on the relationship than anything else.

They are dedicated, I tell you! Get yourself some yandere loving!

Let’s talk about Mirai Nikki for a bit. Yuno’s undying obsession for Yuuki made everything so meaningful. She died multiple times and still never forgot about Yuki’s existence. It was like her main purpose for being there even though he wanted to get as far away from her as possible, but that’s not the moral of this story. What matters is knowing that someone would make such insane sacrifices just to be with you and only you. Let me reiterate that you should feel honoured, because not everyone is loved by a yandere.

School Days Spoilers Ahead!

Take School Days for instance. Makoto was head over heels for Kotonoha. They start dating and you know how it goes; she catches feelings for him, but he can’t stop thinking with his dick. Needless to say, it could go the opposite way, but let’s just roll with the ratio (no need to get snark with me). Makoto single-handedly, dated and screwed multiple girls at his school.

He got so caught up and completely lost sight of this one girlfriend, who happens to be a yandere. In the end, she found out and plucked him to death with a machete. My objective is not to scare you, but I’m talking blood, gore and passion. It’s about knowing that your girlfriend cares about you and if she can’t have you to herself, then no one can. Well, at least you know she’s faithful, submissive and passionate about you and delivering that head-game.

With an insanity level that is over 9000, only when they are upset, your yandere waifu/husbando is such a sweet, caring person to have as a lover. Just don’t ignore them, hurt them or get them upset and everything will be perfect. Get yourself a yandere this holiday and tell me if it wasn’t worth it. I’ll attend your funeral if you need the support.

Written by: Nikauleene Andrews


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  1. The mere fact that this Article has “ignore the part about them killing you” in the earlies speaks volumes as to how much BS it is. That’s like saying “well yaknow green arrow can beat superman if you ignore *insert ridiculous superman power here * ”

    Y’all are praising toxic things like if it’s normal hahahahahahahaha. Yandere s Nexs are people but they deserve their stigma. Next thing yall Goan tell me pedophiles are people too and we should let them horribly violate our kids
    Naw man

    All these shows y’all reference have loads of suffering and DEATH. the protagonists of these shows dieeee, (and not when they are killed XD #ShirouWasWrong) for good reason.

    In midair Nikki if she wasn’t so mad in love with You THEY WOULD HAVE BOTH DIED AND DEUS WOULD HAVE AS WELL. Case closed the rest of reality goes on as normal (Deus sidekick woulda taken up the reigns or some) But book she had to fuck things up and fuck things up she die. Ohhhhhhhh man multiple realities fuked to oblivion (cuz time still keeps going those realities got screwedddd)

    Hear me out doh. If you want some mad dick or boss pussy and to die in a blaze of glory sure fine pickup a yandere. Cuz they will fuck you and then kill you and then fuck your corpse and then kill it for cheating ??

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