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So…I watched Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Have you seen Dragon Ball Super: Broly? If you’re wondering about its relevance in the Dragon Ball franchise, then I must have you know that it is indeed canon. Don’t raise your pitchforks and please do not bring out the guillotine, but I must admit I watched the entire movie in English dub. Yes, I said it. DUB. To be fair, it wasn’t my choice as I watched it at movie theatre and my country natively speaks the English language.

I couldn’t avoid it, but I also couldn’t miss the opportunity to feast my eyes on this action packed adventure. The voices were the same, so no change there and I think they are quite suitable considering the voices of the past, whether subbed or Ocean dubbed. It wasn’t half bad, to be honest.

Spoiler Alert!

Not everyone can appreciate a flashback at the beginning of a movie, but this one allows the viewer to gain some insight of the past without having to actually watch the preceding series, Dragon Ball: Super. It’s enjoyable with or without it, but the only thing is that you won’t know the names of their transformations ( or forms for short). Some of you might say it’s overrated, but deep down in your cold hearts you know it was absolutely badass.

It’s not exactly the way you know the storyline to be, but forget the old one cause this is now relevant to the plot. If you’re fangirling like me, you might say to yourself that this movie isn’t long enough and to be honest, I think some things weren’t given enough time to develop, but that’s pretty much my only concern.

When it came to the story of the present day in the movie, leading up to its climax and then to the resolution, it only appeared to be short. Another thing is, time flies when you’re having fun and maybe it was just that enjoyable. Think about the anticipation for a hot second. That’s what created the illusion.

Knowing how anything from the creators of the franchise works, you could have guessed that Broly’s “weakness” would have been destroyed, especially because it’s the only thing that could tame him, like a Saiyan’s tail. If you didn’t see that coming, then it’s probably just me and my undeniable psychic powers. Duh!

The fight scenes encompassed new elements such as CG to dramatize scenes and to be quite honest, it was beautiful. If you know what CG looks like, you can tell what it is, but it’s hard to decipher for someone who doesn’t know about it. You can tell they put a lot of effort into making this visual experience a memorable one.

The beautiful soundtracks create a feeling of nostalgia, that is as equally difficult to suppress as if you were watching the old Pokémon movie where Ash turns to stone. I must add, that even though I felt this way, the Broly theme song in particular sounds like something out of the J-Pop/ K-Pop world.

It’s always a pleasure when receiving jokes from the characters, whether they are evil or not. It just adds to the hilarity. Obviously, right? Well…no. A lot of movies try and fail, but seeing that the writers are no strangers to humour, it was a piece of cake.

Broly’s undeniable strength was a sight to behold. His story, now rewritten, keeps him alive. Yes, this is the first time he didn’t die. There must be more in store for the next season of Dragon Ball S in relation to his presence and I’m looking forward to it.

Let’s not end without discussing Frieza. From his inception, we knew he was evil and this time, we got an addition to the tale of his ill repute. As always, seeking his own trivial desires, but he’s technically in his right being a king and all.

It’s funny how things turned out in the end. I’m glad Broly beat him and oh yeah, Gogeta. I was certainly not rooting for him, especially after he killed Broly’s father for such a selfish reason. I do not think he deserved to die, but then again, I’m just a keyboard warrior at this point and it worked for the plot.

It’s funny to see Vegeta’s pride make him feel awkward about completing certain tasks; fusion dance or not. After trying a few times, the final result was Gogeta and what an improvement from the first two attempts. The first two are worth a giggle.

Final verdict

In the great scheme of things, I’d say that animation was on point and the CG complemented it well. The theme songs and soundtracks were just enough to get me hyped, but not everyone’s the same. If this is anything, it was a good intro to real story of Broly and I expect to see more of him in the coming productions.

Thank you, Toei Animation, for giving the feeling of nostalgia. It was worth every second and more. I honestly wish it was a bit longer seeing that the backstories took up time. Then again…this movie is pretty much a backstory in itself. Either way, it was enjoyable.

If you wish to watch the move you can rent or purchase it on Amazon Video.


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