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When it comes to manwah, there are few things that please me more than a binge-worthy romance, drama series. Initially, I was under the impression that Master’s Secret Baby or Wangjuede Siyou Baobei was either ecchi or hentai because of the manner in which it introduced itself. You know? Seductively. As if the two individuals were about to engage in some meaningful coitus, only to be bamboozled by the manhwaga’s inner creep.

Unexpectedly, it unleashes a K-drama type overtone with juicy details that may compel you to further immerse yourself into the series. It starts off with the seemingly aroused main protagonist, Xiaomo. She wakes up to find herself on a bed, in a compromising situation with an unknown man. At first she welcomed it, but soon after, she came to her senses and desperately fled the scene. It was later revealed that she was drugged by her wicked step-sister, Qian, prior to the encounter.

As we traverse deeper into the manwah, Xiaomo discovers that she is pregnant after she fell ill. Conniving as always, Qian, realizes that in her efforts to prostitute her stepsister, she made an error. Shockingly enough, the man from that night was The Prince of Nivaliah. Considering the fact that she lost out on payment for the initial situation, Qian found a way to profit from the negative outcome. She stole her sister’s baby and lied her way into his castle, by posing as the baby’s biological mother.

In order for Qian to deceive the prince, her resemblance to Xiaomo is especially useful. Of course we know she’s an impostor, but I’d say the character design is one that does its job quite convincingly. Could you imagine this is only the tip of the iceberg? I haven’t even begun to spill much of what this story entails. In retrospect, the storyline is one that allows you to understand the type of devious personalities that exist in our world. Not to mention, reinforcing the negative stereotypes that may come with stepsisters and combined families in general.

It’s easy to grasp the details from the dialogue, though my only qualm is that the story tends to randomly fast forward. Though you may not get enough time to settle in at certain intervals, it compensates by keeping you well informed. As it’s explanatory in nature, you may want to prepare for a dedicated, yet entertaining read. With lively and pretty colours that add to the visual experience, the art style is a blend of both standard and chibi designs. Collectively, these aspects create the thought-provoking manwha this title has shown itself to be.

While the story is uncommon, it has a similar concept to the Cinderella story. Don’t you think? Let me just say that I have absolutely no remorse for whatever happens to Qian and her mother. These manipulative individuals are a prime example of who not to be when in a combined family. At this point, the annoying moments should be obvious, but surely there are the ones that may strike up some happiness and sentiment from within.

Final Verdict

Master’s Secret Baby is filled with plot twists and non-stop conflict that aren’t exactly impossible. It gives you a proper insight with its thorough dialogue. I’d recommend this to anyone who needs a good ol’ reality check. I can assure you that it has the potential to stain your perception of others. Furthermore, I’ll close off by saying that it’s worth a read if you have the time. While everyone may not agree with certain themes, my thoughts remain that this manwah gets a good rating in my book.

Master’s Secret Baby can be found on Tapas.

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