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I don’t enjoy ads interrupting my weekly anime binges, but I must admit they persuaded me to give Hinamatsuri a try. A blend of comedy and slice of life with supernatural and sci-fi in the mix; it comes together like the perfect storm. Of course, after the storm there’s usually a rainbow, but let’s not assume just yet.

It starts off with a girl, Hina, who is transported to a guy’s living room in what seems to be an orb. Let me digress from her aesthetic for a second and say that she’s socially innocent, but has the potential to be physically dangerous. What’s even funnier is the way they incorporated a parody of that old, but gold movie; The Terminator. It’s in reference to the beginning when they enter the world on one knee in the nude. Well, that’s Hina. She’s literally buck naked, but in a pg13 sort of way.

Only 12 episodes, yet it managed to stir up several of my human emotions. I say “human” because there are some relatable scenes that had an effect on me. Consider it a good thing to be able to bond with any character, if you did. For me, it’s easy to connect with the main character, Hina, because people say that I’m not normal and I believe them.

So many hilarious surprises each episode. It’s never what you or the characters expect. It’s unique, but I thoroughly enjoy bizarre anime and this happens to fit the description. In contrast to that, there were many scenes that warmed my heart. It’s within me to say that Hina grew on me and I think she’s so adorable.

Remember when I mentioned that Hina basically appeared in the guy’s apartment? People actually believe that she’s his daughter, so when he says he’s not a father, people assume he’s a deadbeat dad. The confusion is what makes it funny. They think he’s in denial. She’s taken him away from his player life, so his “manko” count is currently at a standstill.

Final Verdict

I feel the need to recommend Hinamatsuri to readers who enjoy mainly comedy, based on it’s less intense presentation. The reason I didn’t go into detail about the antagonist, Yoshifumi Nitta, is because it’s better that you experience him first hand. It’s important to note that I haven’t read the manga, so there won’t be a comparison in this anime review. In the end, we learn that people just wanted to be valued. With that said, there’s always a lesson to be learnt through anime.

Hinamatsuri episodes can be viewed on Crunchyroll.

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