Enter Our – Mature JRPG Giveaway #1

Simply Binge is partnering with our friends at Infinite Backlog and Gabbmew to giveaway a few of our favorite M-Rated JRPGs on the PC. The games include: Moero Chronicles, Monster Monpiece and Criminal Girls Invite Only. This will the first of hopefully a series of Mature JRPG Giveaway.

To enter all you’ll need to do is follow the following both Infinite Backlog and Gabbmew on YouTube along with two of our channels: Lpgardian and The Buttonsmashers. If you want higher odds of winning you can follow our individual twitter accounts along with other options.

The grand winner will receive all 3 games along with a 10 dollar gift card of their choosing. The other two winners will each get a 10 dollar gift card of their choosing. We’ve even included a Top-commenter prize to reward (To Be announced at a later date) those we see most active on our channels.

SimplyBinge.com reserves the right to cancel Mature JRPG Giveaway at anytime or to deny entries if we suspect foul play.


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