President of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, has passed away.

CEO, Nintendo, Tokyo From the continued popularity of the Nintendo DS to a doubling of sales of the Wii, Iwata proved that people will still spend money on what they love. In a recession, they’re just more choosy. “What affects the game business the most is makers’ ability to introduce products that surprise consumers, rather than only economic conditions themselves,” Iwata told a Nikkei reporter. His next goal: “We need to further expand the concept of what a video game is…. We will redefine games to include  anything bringing people joy, including music, cameras, and health-­management features.”

Satoru Iwata, the very well known president of Nintendo, has been reported to have passed away today. Sources say that a bile duct growth, which was previously treated already, was the cause of death. More updates as the story develops…

Source: Nintendo Everything, Nintendo

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