Blazblue: Central Fiction Confirmed for PS3 & PS4! Brand New Character Revealed!


I freaking LOVE the Blazlue games. I’ve been a fan since the first installment and follow the story and the characters extensively. But even I, being a big fan of it, can forget about the series after a while in favor of all the other games I need to cover. Knowing this, every single time I receive news on Central Fiction, Ark System Works’ newest installment, and alleged ending to the current story, of the popular fighting game gets me as excited as that one time I saw a tiny brown dog vibrate intensely when food was dangled in front of him. Right now, I am that tiny brown dog.


After being available in Japanese arcades for quite a while now, Ark Systems Works has recently revealed that the 2D fighter is finally coming to the PS3 and PS4 home consoles, along with some brand new screenshots showing off some new game modes. In addition to that, the screenshots also reveal a brand new playable character for the console version of the game. Es from the visual novel Xblaze is the character in question, which fills me with even more “tiny dog vibrating” excitement.





So far, this news applies only to the Japanese market, but I’m sure that it won’t be long before Ark System Works start talking about bringing this wonderful looking game over to the west. Hopefully, they come out with once again another “Extend” version for PS Vita with all DLC included and Jubei as a playable character.

A man can dream…

Source: Famitsu, Siliconera

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