Persona 3 English Manga Coming Out This Fall


UDON Entertainment has announced that an English version of the Persona 3 manga will be arriving soon, with the first volume releasing on September 2016. If you have already played any Persona 3 game, or even seen the movies, then you know exactly what it’s about. Featuring artwork from Shuji Sogabe, the Persona 3 manga brings forth the story of Minato Arisato and his high school friends as he finds himself involved with a mysterious Dark Hour, Shadows that are causing trouble in the city, and Tartarus, an enormous structure where more trouble awaits. The tentative price for the first volume will go for about $13.99.

Personally, I recommend you play the video game first before getting into this, but since it’s so time consuming, I guess this would fit better for people with a tighter schedule, or even for people that are not into video games at all.

Source: Siliconera

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