You Can Pre-Order These Undertale Figurines On Fangamer Today!


You know that you made it as soon as pre-orders for non-amiibo figurines based on your video game is a big deal worthy of dedicating a whole news post over. Undertale definitely fits this situation, for it has been announced that you can go to the Fangamer website and pre-order some good looking figurines based on some memorable characters from the game, like Sans, Papyrus and even Lesser Dog.

The toy figures will cost $15 each, with the entire set worth $70. If you are not interested or satisfied with these, then you can also search the store for Undertale-themed pins, clothing and prints. I recommend you all go to the store and buy yourself something nice, in support of both Fangamer and possibly one of the greatest games created thus far.






Source: Twitter (Fangamer)

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