Final Fantasy VII Monopoly Announced


I’m pretty surprised that this didn’t exist previously, considering how there are an enormous amount of Monopoly tables out there ranging from videos games to movies and even particular brands like Coca-Cola. This time around, we are moving to the JRPG territories as we find out the FFVII Monopoly is a thing that exists.

You can pre-order the game at Merchoid for $49.99, which contains an FFVII themed table, along with facilities, locations and cards inspired by the whole series. We are still unsure if you will be able to play as any of the Final Fantasy VII characters, as in a tiny Cloud moving along the table next to the top hat, a cat and a Moogle. It would be crazy if they didn’t, but you never know.

Personally, the idea of it is pretty funny, but I would never purchase this, considering how I absolutely hate playing Monopoly. I’m not even a collector kind of person, so I wouldn’t even buy it just to have it. I’m sure some people out there are interested, so go ahead and buy it if you want. The game will be out on April 14, 2017.

Source: Merchoid

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