Apple Keynote Announces Super Mario Run for iPhone!

Of all places, I was incredibly surprised to see that Shigeru Miyamoto got up on stage at an Apple Keynote Event to talk about his new game Super Mario Run. This games is sort of a pseudo-endless runner, featuring Mario constantly running, with tap controls in place to make him jump and maneuver through platforms. The game will have the same aesthetic as New Super Mario Bros, along with different worlds and levels from those games. On top of that, there is a multiplayer mode in which you can compete with other people’s ghosts of previous level runs.

This game will come at a set price and will not be free-to-play. There is also no set release date, but Miyamoto did mention that it will be available December this year on iOS. I can’t believe I’m actually typing about Mario coming to a platform that isn’t Nintendo, even though their interest in the mobile market was already apparent for a while now. I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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