Vine Discontinued! Twitter Announces 9% Layoffs!


It’s a pretty sad announcement for something that I never saw coming this soon. Vine, the popular 6-second video platform for mobile phones, which created a brand new wave of content creators, many who have found even bigger careers, is shutting down in the coming months.

Due to financial problems on Twitter’s end, they had a 9% of layoffs, which adds up to about 350 people. It also doesn’t help that other apps such as Instagram and Snapchat have acquired a bigger and faster following than Vine. On top of their slow updates and Twitter’s slow investment in that property, this is one of many different reasons as to why the mobile app is being shut down.

Personally, I thought Vine was a fantastic idea ruined by idiotic teenagers that pulled terrible pranks, pointless challenges and even worse jokes featuring whatever popular song was on the radio at the time. However, this place was also the origin of many incredible creators and amazing comedy such as Woodsie, Logan Paul, Daz Black, Shawn Mendes and many more! Most of these people have already found success in many other places, but it is still rather tragic that we’ll be missing out on super stupid, but super awesome stuff like this:

Vine has announced that you will be able to download and keep your Vines before the whole thing goes under, so at least it’s good to know that all of that content won’t just disappear forever.

Oh well, at least we still have Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and even Twitter Video. I guess Vine wasn’t able to compete. I wonder how things would’ve turned out if Twitter hadn’t bought them out?

Source: Medium (Vine)

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