Arnice Returns For Nights of Azure 2! …Also, The Game’s Delayed


I have some good news and some bad news; let’s start with the good first. I’m pretty happy to see that both Arnice and Christopherus, the protagonist of the first Nights of Azure and a demon supporting character respectively, will also be making an appearance in the sequel. The only details that we know is that Arnice won’t look the same as she did before. We will actually see her as a dark fallen figure with one blue eye and a red eye, along with an ominous looking arm. Any demon-related anime stereotype that you can imagine, she’ll probably have it.

So that’s good, but now the bad news is that the game got delayed in Japan from December 22 of this year to February 2017. Koei Tecmo says that they want to spend more time in improving the quality of the game and that they will make it up to us, by giving us a special something. That something is a set of swimsuit costumes and a brand new Lily character to fight at your side in the game, so I guess the bad news also comes with a bit of good news too. Essentially, since the game will take longer to come out, they’ll add more stuff to it, which is great!


Remember, Nights of Azure 2: Bride of the New Moon will come out February 2017 in Japan for PS Vita and PS4, but the game will be coming out in the West some time after that. Go ahead and read our review of the first game to refresh your memory!

Source: Gust, Esuteru

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