Want To See Persona 5 In English? Wait Two Days For Atlus’s Live Stream!

It’s no surprise to anyone that I am immensly excited for Persona 5. I’m sure there is a ton of videos and spoilers out there on the Internet from the Japanese version, but I have done my best to stay away from it. However, Atlus has now announced that they will be live streaming some gameplay on Twitch of the English version of Persona 5, along with some other fun stuff like prizes, guests and news. The stream will begin on November 16 at 12PM PST, which is two days from now. We received the image below from them, so go ahead and save it in order to remind yourself if you’re interested. I have nothing else to say other than to express my extreme curiosity for how the English voices will sound in action. Usually, these games have excellent voice work, so I’m not worried, but I still wish to have this curiosity satiated.

We’ll be sure to cover whatever happens during the stream.


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