Blue Reflection Has A New Character Trailer And First Print Bonuses!

It makes me very happy that Gust is giving Blue Reflection a lot of love through borderline constant videos and information coming out regarding the game and what we’ll be seeing in it. This time around, we have another character trailer and some information on first print bonuses. Starting with the trailer, we have an introduction to a new character named Chihiro Inoue, who seems to be a very considerate girl, whose niceness ends up getting her into some trouble.

In addition, there is another video showing off the first print bonus content in the form of school swimsuits, a PS4 or PS Vita original theme and an in-game “FriSupe!” theme. Look out for the Japanese release of Blue Reflection on March 30 for PS4 and PS Vita. Usually I would go for the PS Vita version, but the game is so beautiful that I want to see it at its best on PS4.

Source: Gust Channel (Youtube), Gematsu

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