Take A Look At This Persona 5 Sizzle Trailer!

There have been so many awesome games coming out recently that I almost completely forgot about Persona 5. Since most of the things we wanted to know are already out there, and also the game being released in Japan for quite a while now turned this into a quiet wait for the western release date to come. As we wait, we can enjoy things like the game’s most recent sizzle trailer.

Anyone that knows me is aware that I’m a massive fan of the Persona games, so it should come as no surprise to them that I think this video is awesome. However, I do wish to reinforce how much I like this trailer more than any of the other recent Persona 5 trailers. I feel like it’s very well edited, shows a wide breath of the English voices, and almost has a movie-like quality in showing what the story is about. Needless to say, this trailer has given me a good refresher on what I’m about to get into with Persona 5, which is already out in Japan, but will be released in North America and Europe on April 4 for PS3 and PS4.

Source: AtlusUSA (Youtube)

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