Dragon Quest XI Releases on July 29 in Japan for PS4 and 3DS

I love the Dragon Quest games. I love, love, LOVE the franchise. Perhaps my incredibly biased opinion will not be useful to you in the least, but I cannot stress enough how excited I am over Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time. The game will be available on July 29 for PlayStation 4 with incredible graphics, but you can also get it on 3DS. I mention the portable incarnation since it’s pretty unique in its own way. On top of the 3DS game having some pretty good 3D graphics on its own, it will also feature a retro aesthetic, reminiscent of the classic titles.

The PS4 version will cost 8,980 yen, while the 3DS one will go for 5,980 yen. There is a Nintendo Switch version of the game planned, but Square Enix PR has said, “Support is planned, but there is nothing to announce today.” Buying the game early will grant you with some extra items, such as a vest that increases experience points and another one that increases gold. The items are pictured below:

If you wish to buy both versions of the game, then you’ll able to purchase a bundle with special packaging for 14,960 yen. However, you’ll only be able to purchase this bundle at either the Square Enix online store or Lawson HMV stores. The bundle is also pictured below:

Feel free to enjoy the enormous amount of screenshots provided. They look awesome:

Source: Square Enix Japan

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